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Location based feature is pretty common nowadays. Often we saw a lot of features based around our a location like store near corresponding location.

Location based feature might sounds complicated, but it can actually easily be implemented with Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database with document based structure. Often, it’s being used as a Search Engine. It also provides its own syntax and many tools to help the search to be as flexible as possible.

In this article I will show you the simple implementation of making a geolocation search by getting list of cities by coordinate range.

Installing Elasticsearch

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As technology increasingly permeates our everyday lives, jobs in the tech industry are growing ever more popular. Many companies and industries are searching for qualified developers to help them stay competitive.

Many people believe that to become a Software Engineer you have to be super smart or you just have to be born with certain talents.

But in my opinion, this is a very common misconception. Being a Software Engineer is not just a matter of talent — it’s a matter of choice.

There are several qualities that will help you out immensely if you want to become a Software Engineer. You might not have these traits yet, but I believe they’re skills that can be learned. …

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I was just sitting here writing.

My eyes were weary, my hands were sweaty.

Yet this is something that must be done.

My minds never stopped thinking, trying to find all the possibility to write out what i really want.

I tried to relax myself and brewed myself a coffee in order to keep myself up.

Going back to my desk, i tried to write several lines only for me to erase it.

“Why does this sounds so good in my brain yet when i write it out, it looks so wrong??” I asked myself.

Sometime later, i finally decided that nothing is ever perfect. …

Ever thought about giving back multiple responses by server but using a single connection only? Yes that’s what this article is about. Today i will be showing you on how to implement gRPC server side streaming with Go.

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It’s okay, he won’t bite

Before we are going straight to the implementation, if you clicked this article you might have already known about gRPC. Butif you clicked out of curiosity, fret not, i will give some brief introduction about gRPC later on.
Server side streaming might be a bit uncommon so i will also cover a bit on that below. …

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I believe lots of you might have already heard about gRPC or have already even using it for their own works and creations.

These past few days i have been exploring and diving deep into gRPC and I found a lot of interesting things. Today, I will be sharing those things through my writing.

This is not a implementation tutorial so you will not find the example of gRPC implementation in any of the languages like Java or Go.
Wait, don’t quit reading this article yet! I assure you that the one you will learn here is the fundamental and the core architecture of the gRPC itself. …

So, recently i just made my first vscode extension… and it felt good!
This article will cover basic things to start creating a vscode extension and some of my experience in making it the first time.
One thing I want to say beforehand is that I am not an expert yet at this but what i can truly say is that nothing is as hard as it seems 😀

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Lets talk about vs code abit

If you opened this article i believe you have at least ever heard or known about vscode (or some might say Visual Studio Code). …

Old but gold.

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Pragmatic Programmer bookcover. Image is taken from amazon site.

Published in October 1999, about 20 years ago.
The Pragmatic Programmer is a book about how to become a Pragmatic Programmer, which in short means a ‘Good Programmer’.
Published in the ancient era, about 20 years ago. Yet, this book still provide many insights that are very relevant to Programmers these days or some might call them Software Engineer.
Some people might have heard about this book before and question what actually is it about.
Today, I will share on some of the interesting learning across reading the book.

There is more than technical skill to programmer.

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Today, I am going to show Elasticsearch implementation in Go.But of course, before that I am going to give a small introduction regarding Elasticsearch. If you have already gained a basic understanding regarding Elasticsearch, you can skip it to the next part.


Elasticsearch has been gaining a lot of popularity these days. Searching in a Relational-Database always has issues around scalability and performance. Elasticsearch is a NoSQL database that has been very successful in tackling those issues. …

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Today, I will talk about some long distance relationship thing.
But wait!
It is not this kind of long distance relationship that i will be talking about, but more of like this.

The story began one year ago, when i first joined my current company as a Software Engineer. I was entering a small team that looked like it consisted of 3 people. And i was being told that there were actually 6 people.

“Where are the others? Taking leave?”, I asked.

“Nope, far away there at India.”

Thereon, my journey began.
Here, i had an opportunity to work together with overseas remote colleagues. I will share on about what it actually feels like, about this “Long Distance…

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I’m currently a Software Engineer in one of the fast growing startup in my country.

I’m an open source contributors.

I’m a writer in Medium and freecodecamp.

I also published my own Mobile Application with my own back-end server.

Some people might look up into me and think that i’m an ideal Software Engineer, that i am always like this, able to do everything like I am born with the talent to do so.

In reality, I am not everything that people actually sees. Even now, everything I am doing is all for the sake of growing myself.


Pramono Winata

Your Usual Software Engineer Guy, but also Android and Serverless enthusiast.

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